Amok (sia n) : I like you ! It would be nice if something happened between us do you think ?

Hypatie (sia c21) : Ya… I’m not ready … but wait & see !



 Hypatie (sia c21) : “.. I’m pregnant but my Mom doesn’t know it hihi^^”



Hypatie des Masques d’Orient (sia c21) X Arte Amoris Amok Snow Fairy (sia n)
Born 24 July 2013
1 Girl Sia
Memento Mori Illuminati


first baby boy of Memento Mori

Hypatie & Illuminati - 1 day

Baby girl at 15hours after birth – 122 g


Illu at 9 days

Memento Mori Illuminati

Illu at 23 days

Illuminati - 24 days

Illu at 24 days

Illuminati - 33 days

Illu at 33 days

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